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What credit cards can I accept with SPC?

  • All major credit cards are supported.

Does SPC support ACH?

  • Yes, we support one time ACH payments as well as recurring ones.

How long does it take to integrate with SPC?

  • You can be up and running in 24-48 hours after applying.

Are there any processing volume limits?

  • We typically support as much volume as you need.

How soon will I get paid after transactions are processed?

  • Within 1-2 business days.

Why am I considered high-risk?

  • All businesses have some level of risk.  Most of the time, banks identify businesses in certain industries as high risk. These industries typically have high-chargeback rates or are highly regulated. Other times, your business may be considered high risk based on whether the owners have bad personal credit scores or have been dropped by previous credit card processors. But if you are considered high-risk, we can still help you process. That's our specialty.

Contact us now and we'll get you processing within 1-2 days.

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